Cinva Ram

Chamazi construction
Creative Commons License Rémi Kaupp

This Cinva RAM is a machine which is used to create compressed earth blocks. It is one of the most popular manual Earth brick presses available in the world today. It is particularly widespread in developing countries and areas such as South America.

To build the Cinva RAM there are a couple things you need. First you need the designs for the Cinva RAM. You need to correct measurements and designs so that when you build the manual brick press everything aligns and a perfectly measured brick is produced. Next you need to get the correct tools and materials ready.

The Cinva RAM is made from steel, this is because high amounts of pressure are applied to the earth to form the brick when the lever of the Cinva RAM is pulled. Because steel is used as a building material, it is necessary for the builder of the Cinva RAM to be familiar with the cutting and joining or welding of steel. To cut the steel, an angle grinder will usually suffice and these can be bought fairly cheaply from a local hardware store. However, to join steel together requires you to do some welding which requires the use of some safety equipment and a little bit of training plus not to mention the use of the welding equipment itself.


Compressed Earth Block Machine

Once you have built the Cinva RAM there are many different uses for the compressed earth blocks:

Housing, compressed bricks are most commonly used in the construction of houses in developing countries. It allows the production of houses at very cheap prices and also with the correct techniques, these can be used to produce first-class quality homes. Increasingly, compressed earth bricks are also being used in first world countries to create eco-friendly houses.

Walls, earth blocks are in use to create sturdy and durable outdoor walls that can be used to separate the boundaries around the house.

Roads, stabilised compressed bricks can be used in construction of durable pathways, roads and indoor flooring.

Ovens and stoves, when using the correct earth mix, compressed earth blocks can even be used in the construction of an outdoor oven or bakery stove.

Farm buildings and sheds, because they are so cheap to construct and they can be rapidly built, farm buildings and outhouses such as sheds have been built using compressed earth bricks.

Nowadays there are more people using compressed earth bricks in the construction of houses, however it is no longer just done manually. Instead, fully automatic and mechanized methods of compressed earth brick production have been created and are now in use produce up to 10,000 bricks in a single day. However, the Cinva Ram still is a very useful tool for those who are looking for a cheaper way to produce compressed earth blocks.